Albacore Tuna - Thunnus Alalunga
Taste The Benefit

Albacore Tuna is one of the only tuna species fished by Irish fishermen off Ireland’s south west coast commercially. Our fishermen use traditional catch methods, alongside classic preparation & preservation in glass jars and tins, this ensures maximum freshness, flavour and taste.

Moist and delicate, the soft pink flesh of the Albacore Tuna is different to that of other Tuna species. With their smooth, torpedo shaped, body, Albacore tuna are oceanic fish built for speed.  They can travel as fast as 80km per hour.  They are a member of the same family as Mackerel (Scombroides) and like them, they have to be constantly on the move in order to push water and oxygen onto their gills. Albacore Tuna occur in tropical and temperate waters of all the worlds oceans.

High Omega3
Gluten Free
High Protein
Low Carb
Dolphin Friendly

Albacore Tuna - Feel The Benefit

Albacore is one of the smaller species of tuna, reaching sizes of up to 140cm, or 60kg, which is somewhere between the skipjack and yellowfin. Like all tuna, Albacore is a rich source of complete protein, selenium and vitamin B-12. Their soft pink flesh, however, is more moist and delicate than that of many other species of tuna. In addition, Albacore contains significantly more Omega-3 fats. Omega-3s normalise and regulate cholesterol levels and greatly reduce the risk of heart disease.
Furthermore, all of our tuna is hand-filleted and hand-packed in olive oil. Olive oil, like omega-3, has been shown to help prevent heart disease, as well as provide anti-oxidants that keep your hair and skin hydrated and healthy.

Sustainable Fishing

We are proud participants of the Irish Tuna Fisheries Improvement Programme and are committed to sustainable fishing:
  • Our fishing methods are dolphin safe
  • We only fish “in season,” a few short weeks each year.
  • We make every effort to leave no trace and respect the environment and ecosystems in the Atlantic waters.
Where We Fish

WHY IS Albacore Tuna SO SPECIAL?

  • Alba (or white) meat is much lighter in appearance and also in taste than other tuna.
  • Known also as Thunnus Alalunga (or long fin tuna), the albacore is leaner and faster than the rest of the tuna family, and this is reflected in the meat. Albacore tuna is particularly high in Omega-3, and is a good low carbohydrate source of protein.
  • The ventresca cut, or belly meat was previously only available in Spain, but is a much sought-after delicacy among Irish consumers looking for a premium quality product.
Albacore Tuna, frozen and packed at the Killybegs warehouse