Shines Tuna Pâté

Prep: 15mins
Cooking: -1mins
Total: 14mins
You Will Need:
Shines Irish Tuna
You Will Also Need:

Irish Tuna Pate

By Chef Nicky Cullen of Mary Barry’s Restaurant, Kilmore, Co. Wexford


1 Jar of Shines Albacore tuna (drained)

6 oz Kerry gold butter

1.5 table spoons Ballymaloe mayo

1.5 table spoons Ballymaloe relish

2 wedges of lemon juiced.

½ tea spoon or less of Cracked Black pepper






Take your butter out of the fridge for 15 mins before use to take the chill off, but don’t let it get to room temperature.

Blend all ingredients in a food processor. Stop 2 – 3 times and scrape down the sides. Blend until very smooth. This should take roughly 2 minutes.

Cut some parchment paper. This will be used to roll the mixture and roll like a Swiss roll.

Place your mixture onto the parchment paper and roll.

Chill in the fridge overnight.

Take out of the fridge and sit for 15 to 30 mins.



Cut a new sheet of parchment paper, cover the paper with fresh cut chives or parsley. Roll the pate over the chives to stick like a crumb on the outside.

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