John Shine’s Bruschetta!

Shines Tuna Bruschetta
A gorgeous summer serving. Easy to prepare and tastes amazing.
Serves: 1
Prep: 5mins
Cooking: 2mins
Total: 7mins
You Will Need:
Shines Tuna in Olive Oil
You Will Also Need:

Baby Tomatoes or Tomato Paste
Onions or jalapenos
French Bread


Toast some French bread and drizzle some of the olive oil from your Shines Wild Irish Tuna onto it.
I add sliced baby tomatoes or tomato paste. I use onions or jalapenos and our tuna.
The choice of cheese on top is entirely yours…just grill until golden brown.

Allergen Advice:
Check the bread for gluten allergens. The tuna has seafood.

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