We are a family business based in Killybegs, Ireland and we have been a prominent figure in the premium seafood industry for over 40 years. We believe that it is our passion for the ocean’s ecosystem and inhabitants that has made us a multi-award-winning business.

Shines Seafoods is the world’s first plastic neutral seafood company.

Sustainability has become the driving force behind our business. Sustainable fishing involves taking fish from the sea without altering the eco system, leaving enough fish to breed, and also for others who depend on the sea and respecting other fish and animal life.

It is our aim to make the best quality Irish Seafood in the world more affordable and available to the nation. We are passionate about the consumption of seafood and the overall sustainability of the industry and we believe that producing sustainably is the only way to ensure the fishing business will still be here and accessible to everyone for the next 40 years and more. 


Landed catch

Sustaining Albacore Tuna Stocks

Our fishermen commit to ensuring they leave enough albacore tuna, especially the fry, in the sea for the species to survive for ever.

Happy Dolphin

Sustaining All Species

We commit to actively promoting the wellbeing of other species by reducing our by-catch.
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Sustaining the Ocean

We commit to help maintain the environment by minimising pollutants and leaving no waste.


We are proud members of ENSO, a fantastic organisation built specifically to empower our business by equipping us with a wide range of tools to effectively develop a robust sustainability strategy, closely track our progress towards sustainability goals, and transparently communicate our efforts to stakeholders.

Read Shines Sea Food's ENSO case study here

See Shines Sea Food's sustainability goals and status here


We have been verified members of Bord Bia's Origin Green since 2018.

Origin Green is Ireland’s pioneering food and drink sustainability programme, operating on a national scale, uniting government, the private sector and the full supply chain from farmers to food producers and right through to the foodservice and retail sectors. The programme is the worlds’ only national food and drink sustainability programme, and enables the industry to set and achieve measurable sustainability targets that respect the environment and serve local communities more effectively.


Responsible Labelling

We commit to ensure our packaging  contains suitable  instructions on responsible disposal.

Recyclable Packaging

We aim to maintain 100% recyclable packaging on raw materials and primary finished products.

Keeping the Oceans Clean

We also commit to continuing to use biodegradable package pellets and paper packaging instead of bubble-wrap.


Shines Seafoods is the world's first plastic neutral seafood company.

In conjunction with RIO Oceans Integrity group we have certified and unavoidable plastic waste and pay for it to be removed from the oceans in Indonesia.

Ocean Integrity is a group dedicated to eliminating plastics from our World’s Oceans. Our goal is to actively use aggressive techniques to remove the existing plastic material from the Oceans while using existing and identifying new recycling tactics to prevent plastics from entering the waste stream and use education and activism to reduce pollution in the Oceans.


We are certified members of REPAK.

Repak is a member of the Team Green Plastic Pledge supports Shines Sea Food in priortising sustainability within our business through its ‘Prevent & Save Programme’, packaging optimisation and design advice, workshops and webinars.


Shines Seafood Wild Irish Tuna

Ethical Suppliers

We are committed to only work with suppliers who operate in an ethical manner

Giving Back

We are committed to supporting our community through educational events and donations to local causes.

Health and Nutrition

We are committed to promoting the positive health benefits of seafood products. We will continue to maintain healthy recipe ideas and launch new healthy products.

Verifish FIP


Albacore Tuna is a migratory species living in tropical seas, but once a year make the journey north to breed. Always on the move, they first hit European waters around late July, and come within reach of our fishing fleet for only a short period every year. At the end of August, this fish is caught in very large numbers for just a few weeks.

With the overall fishing quota set at 30,000 tonnes annually, with Ireland ‘s allocation being approximately 2,700 tonnes, we monitor the waters closely. All our fishermen are committed to preserving the natural ecosystem by fishing strictly within quota limits.

Our tuna is caught by Irish fishermen when the fish is in season in August and September. Fresh Albacore Tuna can be enjoyed during this short window every year. You may be able to freeze some if you want to enjoy it a little longer but a much nicer result can be achieved by preserving it in jars with olive oil. Perfect to add to salads with a superb flavour that beats its canned rivals hands down.


Maintaining healthy stock is vital, and so too is preserving the ecosystem by limiting the “by-catch”

During the spring season, as warming starts, juvenile North Atlantic Albacore fish begin migrating to the northeastern Atlantic, to the Bay of Biscay, and on to the south east of Ireland, where our tuna are caught. Tuna are usually fished by pair-trawlers – two boats which operate by towing a single net between them and sharing the bounty. Net technology is improving year on year, with more environmentally friendly options and pingers to keep dolphins a safe distance from the nets. Smaller vessels will use line lures with baited hooks to catch quality fish.