Meet Our Distributors

We have distributors in both retail and food services across Ireland. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone if you would like more information on any of our products or how to source them.

Our Distributors

We are an independent Food Supply and Marketing company that specialises in working with smaller independent food producers and smaller independent food caterers and retailers in the delicatessen and food service sectors.

Here at Independent Food Co we want to bridge the gap between small suppliers with good products but limited marketing budgets, and smaller food service operators who want good products for their customers but don’t always have the buying power or market presence.


Based in Finglas, Allegro is one of the largest sales marketing and distribution companies in Ireland distributing across Ireland and Northern Ireland as well as internationally.


Based in Cork, IIHF are specialists in the distribution of organic, vegan and premium health foods to independent retailers across the Republic of Ireland.


Distributors of high quality food products to the hospitality industry and independent retailers throughout the Republic of Ireland from depots in Kildare and Dublin.

Join Our Team

We always welcome new partners. If you would like to join the Shines Sea Food team as a distributor, please get in touch.

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