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Living and working in Ireland’s premier fishing port for the last 30 years has led us to discover Ireland’s best kept secret. Albacore tuna. Our family’s love for this fish has driven us to source Irish caught Albacore tuna. We know you will enjoy this new taste experience as much as we do. Once tasted, always loved.

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Albacore Tuna

Swimming across the world oceans, Albacore Tuna is a migratory species.  Always on the move, they come within reach of our fishing fleet for only a short period every year.  At the end of August, this fish is caught in very large numbers for a few weeks. Moist and delicate, the soft pink flesh of the Albacore Tuna is different to that of other Tuna species. With their smooth, torpedo shaped, body, Albacore tuna are oceanic fish built for speed.  They can travel as fast as 80km per hour.  They are a member of the same family as Mackerel (Scombroides) and like them, they have to be constantly on the move in order to push water and oxygen onto their gills. Albacore Tuna occur in tropical and temperate waters of all the worlds oceans.